The Voice of Croatia

The Voice of Croatia would like to inform you that as of the 1st of January 2014, this program will no longer be broadcast on medium wave in Europe. You will still be able to hear us on the internet worldwide and via satellite.

The international channel The Voice of Croatia evolved from an hour-long program of the same name which began airing in 1991 on short wave radio and was intended for Croatian audiences living abroad.  The program was extended to two hours in 2000 and included English and Spanish language segments about events happening in Croatia that targeted a broader international audience than just Croatian communities around the globe.

The Voice of Croatia began airing its 24-hour format globally on 15 May 2003 on medium wave radio in Europe, via satellite, on short wave radio and on the Internet.  In the technical and technological sense, the channel pioneered the way to digital broadcasting for all of Croatian Radio's channels.  Along with three national networks, as well as a network of regional stations, The Voice of Croatia is Croatian Radio's fifth radio network.

The Voice of Croatia systematically and comprehensively covers current events and developments at home, reports on the lives and activities of Croatians living around the globe, conveys information about the work of state and social institutions relevant to relations between Croatians at home and those living abroad, considers issues related to the return of Croatian expatriates, tells stories about Croatia's heritage and culture and carries key sporting events... This channel represents the very best of Croatian Radio.  The Voice of Croatia airs a selection of original programming, programs produced by the three national networks and 7 regional stations -Dubrovnik, Split, Osijek, Pula, Rijeka, Zadar and Radio Sljeme - which makes it possible to hear programs that are specific to a particular region of Croatia.

The channel is organized into two sections:  the English, Spanish and German section and the Croatian section.  The English, Spanish and German section produces eight daily news programs, five in English, two in Spanish and one in German.  The Voice of Croatia’s foreign-language news programs aim to inform the international community about political, economic, scientific, cultural and sporting events that have occurred in Croatia over the past 24 hours.  The Croatian section produces 12 original weekly programs, primarily thematically concerning Croatians around the globe, and one program dedicated to the life of national minorities in Croatia.

The Voice of Croatia also carries news in Italian produced by Radio Rijeka, news in Hungarian produced by Radio Osijek and news produced by Radio Žepče in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Spanish-language team also produces a weekly round-up of events in Croatia – The Weekly Chronicle – for Radio Amplitud 660 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Croatian Radio Sokol in Antofagasta, Chile, Croatian Radio in Iquique, Chile and Radio Polar in Punta Arenas, Chile, as well as a Sports Review for Croacias Totales in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Voice of Croatia airs exclusively Croatian music.