Changing broadcasting satellite for HRT programs

From July 1st, 2013, the Croatian Radiotelevision will change the broadcasting satellite for its programs in Europe and Middle East. From the said date it will transfer from the current Eutelsat Hot Bird 13A satellite at 13° east to the new satellite Eutelsat 16A positioned at 16° east.

In order to enable its satellite program viewers to change reception parameters on time and continue watching the program without interruptions, HRT will temporarily, until July 30th, 2013, broadcast over both satellites, after which the airing via the old Hot Bird 13A 13° east satellite will be discontinued.

The program will be aired over both satellites for 31 days, from July 1st until July 31st, and during this time the satellite dish has to be readjusted in order to allow for reception over the new satellite. The satellite readjustment does not require a different receiver or a decoder card which you are currently using to watch the program. In order to continue watching the program of the Croatian Radiotelevision, it is necessary to run the signal from the Eutelsat 16 A satellite to your receiver, i. e. it is necessary to change the position of the satellite dish so as to allow the reception from the new satellite position Eutelsat 16A.

The new satellite reception parameters are as follows:
Eutelsat 16 A (orbital position 16 degrees east)
Frequency  10.721 MHz (transponder A1)
Polarization H (horizontal)
FEC   ¾
Symbol rate  27.500kBaud

For information on the new satellite and readjustment instructions click HERE.